shit pencil pushers say


since i made the permalinks use the title in the url, i have already realized that posts about powerpoint needed some further identificator.

from a project manager to another programmer:

i know you released already, but we just got a change requests, and it says we need to change “all” the texts, they “WILL SEND A POWER POINT WITH ALL THE CHANGES”

when the fuck did .pptx and all the other insane formats become the primary information carrying format? is not excel evil enough? are there no transitions there for all to awe at? is power point the ONLY fucking program the retards have installed on their computers? do not xml, wordfiles, json, or a fucking plain text email convey the language needed translation in a proper manner?


shit pencil pushers say


from the spec (obviously translated, as less then 0.17% of people are from Norway):

passwords must be between 6 and 10 characters, all regular digits. must have a number and THERE SHOULD BE NO DIFFERENCE IF A USER MIXES LOWER AND UPPER CASE LETTERS.

what the fuck?! why not make us let lowercase L and uppercase i mean the same thing? b and d are obviously similar, and all these circles ,oO0 let them all be the same!


fortunately, this spec was delicately discussed with the customer (by someone else than myself, as i am banned from seeing customers) and she agreed to change it to some more common and sane spec.


hosting and some tech

this site is hosted on the internet, its IP address is, which you should of course know, since you reached it in the first place.


i had a linode once, but since it “‘MURICAN” i gave that shit up. this damn fine and dandy server is hosted in the Netherlands, home of slightly more privacy.

since i had already set up this blog on linode, i should have just migrated it, but whats the fun in not repeating all the nice steps of setting up the environment? it would have been DAMN fun, but i deleted it all.